Custom Denning Zero Emission Bus
Custom Denning's Australian manufactured Zero Emission bus range. Built in Australia for Australian conditions using a range of new and exciting technologies to the city bus market. Five initial prototypes, 4 Battery Electric and 1 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric, will be on the road from November for trial and operation with selected customers. The bus will be available from March 2021 in both Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell models.
Luxury Love in London
An Illustration especially designed for Fuji Xerox Iridess (TM) Production Press.
Migra & Co Website Design and Development
Website design and development for a UK immigration agency - Migra & Co
Beeworks Sparkling Mead Branding & Label Design
Beeworks sparkling mead is made by fermenting pure Manuka and Australian clover honey, using a treasured family recipe.  It has light beewax mixed with ginger and spices, citrus aromas on the nose and hints of floral on the palate with a sparkling finish. Branding, illustration, pattern and label design by Mike Yan
Ethio Mojo Coffee Branding & Packaging
Branding, illustration and packaging design for Ethio Mojo coffee by Mike Yan. Used Ethiopian wolf as the brand mascot to connect with the origins of the coffee beans. Used green, red and navy colours to amplify the flavours of the coffee with a visual representation.
Fuji Xerox Iridesse™ Production Press Showcase
Fuji Xerox got us in to show off the capabilities of their new Iridesse production press, highlighting the amazing product they could produce with a combination of CMYK and dry metallic inks, all done on the one machine. Combining high end stock, logo design and text with carefully selected highlights and flourishes we created a range of watches that showed the potential for the press to produce a professional product. The machine can apply two dry metallic base inks, gold and silver, but they also combine that with CMYK layering to make a whole range of different metallic swatches.