E T H I O  M O J O
Flavour is not imagined.  Taste never lies, it presents.  Tradition cannot be created, it is driven by generations of experience.
We stand behind the Ethiopian wolf for its rarity, determination and courage.  As our mascot, the experience of consuming our blends will take you to directly to our land, to sample our lush, fertile soils, from the comfort of your home or office.  
Our flagship store in Newtown is the Australian home of Ethio Mojo, where every single member of our team has been to the source of our blended beans.  Their sole task is to deliver their experience to you in every single shot.
Using ethically sourced, fair-trade accredited suppliers, the strength of the Ethopian sun, abundant water and generations of cultivating techniques, Ethio Mojo will deliver the magic it promises as soon as you take your very first sip.
Branding, illustration and graphic design by Mike Yan